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FAQs Here you can find the answers to some of the common inquiry.

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Returns or Exchanges

  • We accept returns or exchanges within 8 days after delivery.
  • Please confirm whether delivered product is your ordered item or not.

Conditions of Returns or Exchanges

  • We accept return or exchange only faulty product and it must be unused.
  • Please understand that we will not be able to accept any returns or exchanges because of the customers' personal preferences.
  • Used products and one-off pieces can be repair or return.
  • Please be sure to return item with the same packaging as when it was delivered.
  • Please be sure to contact us by e-mail before returns or exchanges.

Shipping Charges

  • In the following cases, no shipping fee will be charged for returns or exchanges.
    1. 1)Faulty and unused product.
    2. 2)In case of accidentally damaged during delivery.
    3. 3)If the delivered item is incorrect.
    Shipping charges will not be charged only upon those reasons and contact within 8 days from the date products arrived.

Non-returnable Cases

  • please understand that as a rule we can not returns or exchanges in cases below.
    1. 1)The product after 9 days from received date.
    2. 2)Processed items or damaged by customers.
    3. 3)Product used by customer even once.

Contact point for returns or exchanges

  • Please be sure to contact us before returns or exchanges.
    Please call or email us here.

About cancellation

Since the item ordered will be ready for delivery immediately, it can not be canceled.